In times of professional or personal stress we need techniques to take charge of areas we can alter. The valuable communication skills taught through Pauline’s workshops are applicable for people of all ages from teens to seniors.

Program Options:

    • Out of Frenzy Into Focus: Clients gain insight into what works and doesn’t through self-assessment, practical strategies and group interaction. This program teaches 12 strategies to help clients discover how to focus on what they decide is most important in their lives.

Available as a Half/Full Day Workshop. Workbook available.

    • Victim to Victor…Discovering Amazingly You!: A recreation version of one of Pauline’s most popular adult courses, clients learn the methods and value of candid self-assessment, discover what they are doing to remain victims and how they can begin to change their behaviours by becoming more assertive through action and language. This workshop contains a lot of interaction with role play, journaling, home assignments and impromptu and prepared presentations relating to the need of the clients. Guaranteed  increase in confidence and communication skills for those willing to do the work. Pauline brings more than thirty years experience as an educator and evaluator. Not for the weak of spirit but for those who want to develop spirit.

Available as a Half Day Workshop Or Ongoing 5-6 Week Course. Note: Fees for this course will vary depending on the group.

    • Amazingly You!: Clients discover how to evaluate challenges in work and home life, recognize and maximize their Positive Powers, and how to interact clearly and positively as leaders, team managers, volunteer leaders. This program involves group discussion, role play and interaction in small and large groups. Language Behaviour Profile assessments are available upon request for an additional charge.

Available as a Half/Full Day Workshop.

    • Speak & Lead: Come prepared to participate! Communication Excellence for Managers, Team Leaders and Employees. A profile of every team player so leaders can: determine motivational traits of individuals, choose language proven to reduce and resolve conflict and incorporate strategies that allow your team members to maximize their talents.

Available as a “training” program. Speak & Lead works best over a period of months, but can be done in one full day as a workshop with a follow-up session. The skills taught in Speak & Lead are most effective if practised, evaluated and polished over time.

2013 Fees: All programs are priced between $500 – $ 3500 depending upon the complexity of your needs and whether the program is to be tailored for an individual or group. Special rates are available for church groups.