Pauline is a certified consultant/trainer in Language Behaviour Profile (Affiliate #:1525159) as well as a certified coach in Personal Excellence Strategies. Because she believes in lifelong learning, and healthy physical and spiritual choices, Pauline takes many upgrading courses that enable her to pass along knowledge she is incorporating into her own life.

Communication Skills

Using logical, well-organized evaluation techniques developed from more than thirty years as an active Toastmaster and educator, Pauline has earned a reputation for delivering honest, constructive evaluations. At Communication Excellence, she has coached administrators, politicians, educators, MBA students, health care workers, customer service representatives, managers, consultants, coaches, clergy and speakers.

We promise to help you to:

  • Discover your unique skills and areas that need improvement
  • Grow as a speaker who will meet the needs of your audience
  • Accept personalized, honest feedback
  • Use practical strategies for improving your skills starting right now.

Personal Excellence Strategies

For those who feel stuck in outmoded habits, negative thinking and are suffer from poor self-esteem.

Pauline offers one-on-one coaching to help you to:

  • Survey where you are right now
  • Determine direction: where you want to go, what you want to do & what you want to have
  • Discover what  or who is holding you back
  • Create working steps that will take you there
  • Accept ownership of your own destiny

This is only for those willing to make a commitment to themselves that involves letting go of what is holding them back, evaluating the key people in their lives and latching onto new habits. While this is an ongoing tough  journey that requires perseverance, it also ensures continuing excitement and zest for life regardless of age. Pauline will help you to help yourself.

Victim to Victor: Developing Assertiveness Skills

Pauline created and facilitated this as a continuing education course at community college for several years. It was a case of teaching what I most needed to do in my own life and realizing each time I taught the course how many people of all ages needed these skills.

Steps involved include:

  • Candid self survey of how you communicate with others
  • Discussion of rewards and benefits
  • Challenges and  Reasons for changing
  • Strategies
  • Self Monitoring
  • Enjoying the Rewards