Move Forward with Vision

What breaks my heart is the thought of how many women over the age of 40 are afraid to speak up because they fear being ignored or criticized. Many women have grown up quietly polite or politely quiet, nicely subservient, gracious but taken for granted , feeling and looking like second class citizens when in fact they are uniquely special.

For some of us, humility was such a part of our upbringing we absorbed acting timid , reluctant to ask for anything, even an ice cream on a blazing hot day at the beach.

Fling away the cloak of fear that keeps you huddled inside!

When you step bravely forward to speak, you honor the courage of women who fought for the right to vote, the chance to learn , to be treated fairly and equally as leaders in every area. When you speak up you honor your life and the wisdom you’ve acquired through meeting the challenges that make you truly amazing.

Speak out. Stop hiding behind the mask of politeness or correctness. Discover your clear, credible coherent voice.

We have no excuse to be silent in a democratic society. My dream is that no one ever anywhere will resist speaking because of fear. That everyone realize the enormous impact of speaking up for what we know is true.

To live amazingly is to believe in your own worth.

To speak amazingly is to recognize the wondrous aspect of each person whose life you can teach, inspire , cheer, comfort, amuse when you speak!

Confident speaking sends out ripples and waves of positive energy that transforms lives.


In a world that is often cold with cynicism and dark with indifference, speakers need to ignite sparks that will restore hope and energize initiative.”  from Speak and Lead


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