Marvelous Mistakes!

We all make mistakes. What makes them marvelous?

When you make mistakes how do you respond?

As speakers and trainers most of our mistakes are witnessed by others.
Perhaps this is why so many people fear speaking in public.
Despite temporary embarrassment, if we are smart we learn.

Personal examples you might relate with:

First Mistake:  Packing in too much information for  time allotted.
Being able to look at our content objectively allows us to edit wisely.
Lesson: To avoid “overwhelm” use concise organization of 3-5 main points.

Second Mistake
Misjudging the needs of the group.
As Jane Atkinson says, we need to identify our ideal audience.
Sometimes we are so anxious to speak that we assume everyone will want or need our message
Lesson: Spend more time analyzing needs before signing contracts or creating content.

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Communication Excellence Training Leaders Who Inspire the Best Know How to Communicate with all Personalities

Becoming a certified trainer and consultant in Words That Change Minds Language Behavior Profile was not only enlightening professionally but motivating for me as a trainer/speaker. Using the same style of communication with everyone is NOT always conducive to inspiring the best. Learning about different motivation and working traits enables leaders to know how to communicate to bring out the best.

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Forward from Fear: Six Ways to Get into the Waters of Life Even When We Feel Afraid

Starting a new venture in life is much like entering the water to go for a swim. Some people tip-toe around the edges, some race in with vigour, others wade in slowly preparing themselves by gradually acclimatizing to the change.

toe-in-waterSadly, there are those who never get involved, who watch others having fun and wish they too had the courage to get into the water. We all know timid folks who live their whole lives on the edges.

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Facing my Jitters about Momonday Speaking in London Ontario

 It’s four days before my presentation to an expected crowd of 400 at the Carousel Room in London Ontario.

Facing my jitters began weeks ago waking up early every morning to go over my message, reworking phrases in my head before even getting out of bed.

Public speaking has become,with coaching from my teachers throughout elementary and high school and many years invested in Toastmaster training, what I do best. I compete in contests and coach other people of all ages to communicate  more effectively  on and off stage.

 By asking to speak at Momonday I chose to move beyond my comfort zone.

Friends are giving up a night to come out and hear me share a ten minute speech about a pivotal, very personal part of my life. Other speakers have invited their friends. This isn’t about selling or promoting.

 Editing to  ten minutes has been a huge challenge.

Thanks to enthusiastic activator Paula Morand who has sent out tips to all the speakers and has called a few times to confirm people attending and to reassure me as a speaker.

Thanks also to a fellow Unity member who last night shared how she overcame nervousness by remembering that every time she spoke it needed to be “in service of others.”

Though I want to be excellent , to shine with the other five speakers , my main goal is to share my own story in a  way that will inspire others to feel braver and more positive- in my friend’s. words “to be of service”.  Will  let you know how this goes on Tuesday.

What Matters? Questions that Help You Choose Your Way of Being

Do you ever feel like the ‘odd person out’ in a social gathering? Do people ever say “You’re so quiet!” or “You’re so different!”? Do you appreciate your own personality or do you think you have to keep changing  based on the group you’re with?

whoamiHow do we find our own “style”? This is not about your visual image although your inner style will shine forth to your exterior.  Think of the times that you have felt sad and no amount of makeup or bright clothing could quite mask your down spirits. Is fashion or the latest hairstyle as important as how you are with your children, for example?


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