In a world that is too often cold  with cynicism and dark with indifference speakers need to ignite sparks that will restore hope and energize initiative. ~ Personal Motto

For a long time I worried that my more than thirty years as an elementary teacher might be a block to my acceptance as a professional speaker/trainer/coach. I now see those years as an asset.

If I could work with students of all ages, from varied backgrounds. with widely divergent personalities  and love my work even at report card times, why not with clients who may be older but probably are just as diverse and just as if not more needy?

My mission as a retired teacher, writer (published book: Swimmin’ Women and booklet series: Speak & Lead), poet, award-winning speaker and Certified Positivity Training and Communication Coach is to work with clients who want to change their lives: clients who are tired of leading joyless, frantic, rushed, meaningless lives, clients who want to experience positive energy and laughter, relaxation and focused success.

We all learn from our experiences and I’m no exception. For me everything happened much later than for most people.

Living alone didn’t happen until a few months after my 35th. birthday and if you need to know more about that you’ll have to read my first book.

I am a faith-filled, positively-directed vital woman who feels happier and more focused than ever before. My primary goal is to help others to find their inner powers and to develop their unique joyful states.

As a Toastmaster, Pauline presented her national winning speech about Canada on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, in 1990.