Marvelous Mistakes!

We all make mistakes. What makes them marvelous?

When you make mistakes how do you respond?

As speakers and trainers most of our mistakes are witnessed by others.
Perhaps this is why so many people fear speaking in public.
Despite temporary embarrassment, if we are smart we learn.

Personal examples you might relate with:

First Mistake:  Packing in too much information for  time allotted.
Being able to look at our content objectively allows us to edit wisely.
Lesson: To avoid “overwhelm” use concise organization of 3-5 main points.

Second Mistake
Misjudging the needs of the group.
As Jane Atkinson says, we need to identify our ideal audience.
Sometimes we are so anxious to speak that we assume everyone will want or need our message
Lesson: Spend more time analyzing needs before signing contracts or creating content.

For more suggestions about speaking check out my videos and

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