What Matters? Questions that Help You Choose Your Way of Being

Do you ever feel like the ‘odd person out’ in a social gathering? Do people ever say “You’re so quiet!” or “You’re so different!”? Do you appreciate your own personality or do you think you have to keep changing  based on the group you’re with?

whoamiHow do we find our own “style”? This is not about your visual image although your inner style will shine forth to your exterior.  Think of the times that you have felt sad and no amount of makeup or bright clothing could quite mask your down spirits. Is fashion or the latest hairstyle as important as how you are with your children, for example?


The only way to “find yourself” is to “know yourself”:

  • Make a list of your top three priorities (examples: love, good health, faith, a meaningful career, family)
  • Reflect on what brings joy to you
  • Consider what you do best that brings joy to others
  • Which one of your priorities would most sustain you in times of trouble?
  • Describe your standards of excellence in behaviour, performance and interactions with others
  • Create your own mission statement. Whether you own a business or not what you stand for matters.  This in fact is what helps you to choose your style. This is your style. Do you need to drive the latest model car and have the shiniest jewellery?
  • How do you nourish your spirit?
  • Do you need alcohol to feel invigorated at a party?
  • Do you prefer listening or speaking?
  • Would you rather read a good book or watch a good movie?
  • Do you prefer small social gatherings or large parties?
  • Are you a camper or a luxury hotel-type person?
  • Do children make you nervous or fill you with a spirit of fun?

Only you know the answers to these questions. Only you can make yourself “amazing!”


Book Recommendations to Help You on Your Journey of Self-Discovery:

John Gray’s Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

John Gray’s How To Get What You Want and Want What You Have (A Practical and Spiritual Guide To Success)

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