How to Beat Frazzle: Part III: Energy from Eating, Exercise and Entertainment

cf_healthy-foods_mainWell-balanced, tasty meals.  About three months ago, we deleted wheat products. After a few weeks it’s made going past desserts at buffets a little easier. There are always gluten-free bakeries if we feel a strong craving!

Organic vegetables and fruit are appearing in more local grocery stores and markets, along with great varieties of locally-grown produce and exotic foods.

Think of the little kiwi as a powerhouse of vitamins. So many excellent recipe books and internet ideas for healthy eating. Do you ever feel overloaded with ideas?

Exercise – regularly with what is fun for you or at least not so tough that you’ll give up: a favourite de-stresser. Some people have the discipline to exercise at home. Others walk or bike around their neighbourhoods every day faithfully. I prefer and exercise best in a group.

Paying for a gym membership encourages me to maximize my time. Personally I love Zumba – lots of smiles and sweat in a musical atmosphere! All different ages and body shapes with variations on the steps depending on experience.

This week, I have added two extra hours of muscle toning (not all at once of course!). I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the women in this class are lean and muscular.135875.ME.0401.wildart.MJB

Entertainment and fun with friends – as small or as large as you choose.  We all have different needs in terms of frequency and size of groups. For me, smaller groups of three or four are relaxing. Other people love the excitement and interaction of big parties.

Playing cards with my husband is a welcomed break after intensive time spent on my computer. Reading for fun, camping, meeting friends for lunch, going to a movie or just walking to the park to look at the birds and enjoy the trees and sounds of nature can give great calming, restorative powers if you’re feeling stressed or even if you just need a break.

Most of all, learn to love yourself, your life and those around you.

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