How To Beat Frazzle: Part I

To you, dear blog readers, I share what I wrote in my introduction to Out of Frantic, Into Focus Workbook.

Dedicated to  readers who may feel:

franticFrantic with worry

Rushed with living

Anxious about what is happening

Nervous about what might happen

Tense about the present, the past and the future

Insecure about a job, family, finances, health

Crushed by challenge

 And those same readers who want to move into new feelings

cheerful Fabulous, friendly


Cheerful, creative, courageous

Unique, talented, wonderful

Splendidly in love with life.

Choosing is where it begins: realizing that we can choose to shed old feelings, former habits, even associations that provoke stress. As we release what holds us back we can access new ways of being that will restore inner calm and positive power.

This is something only we can do.

My hope is that the next few blogs will help to inspire action on your part.


Read Part II of this article series HERE

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