Secrets from a Senior: How to Turn ‘Awful Aging’ into ‘Awesome Living’

“Awesome aging is living fully this minute with the delight of a child and the wisdom of an adult who knows that life offers no guarantees.” ~ Pauline Duncan-Thrasher

Excerpt from Swimmin’ Women: Ride the Waves of Change and Dive Into Life:

Happy+seniors1Awesome aging’ is a positive, spirited response to life that illuminates everyone you meet.

Awesomely aging folks choose to respond to life’s ups and downs with flexibility and resilience.  If the heights become too scary, they know when to pause and restore equilibrium.

Ageless women think creatively, love generously and face everyday challenges with good-natured strength.  Instead of complaining with the whiners, they choose to celebrate with the winners: those who decide to love life.

Instead of deriding the aging process, they choose to believe in increasing value rather than diminishing returns.

‘Awesome aging’ is about mixing joy for being alive with realistic coping skills for life’s daily challenges.  Awesome agers treat lurches, blips and burps of daily living like the rungs of a ladder that allow them  to climb toward success while enjoying the view!

Honour time as it adds lustre to your inner spirit.

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