Confidence Building By Creating Your Own Kudos: Part III

DO focus on creating a life that is wonderfully fulfilling every day.

confidence3Starting fresh each day gives us permission to forgive ourselves for past mistakes, to forgive others and to concentrate on enjoying the moments before us.

How often do we find ourselves complaining about what is going wrong: the weather, our looks, our relationships, our work?

Taking charge of our thoughts is a necessary discipline for anyone who wants to be happy. Positive or negative thinking influences all of our actions because our mind is always with us, while we’re awake or asleep.

Open your mind to a  life that is creative, full of joy and rewarding; a life filled with possibility –  thinking followed through by action.

All of us need messages to help us keep on track. Some positive reminders are small enough to be enclosed inside a hand.

When I was teaching grade school and looking for an uplifting message for my students, I bought a little stamper that still sits on my office desk. Although the edges are a little frayed, it continues to motivate me to encourage others as well as myself.

It’s a picture of a small train chugging up a hill. The little train has a smile on its face. The words beneath the mini tracks say “You Can Do It!” You may recognize it from the inspiring children’s book by Watty Piper called The Little Engine That Could.

When much bigger engines were too tired, frightened or busy to accept the challenge of hauling a long train of freight, the smallest engine accepted the challenge. After much huffing and puffing, with repeating over and over “I can do it! I can do it!”, the little engine was successful.

Going down the hill on the other side the words changed to “I thought I could. I thought I could.” There may be times when you are the only one who thinks you can.

Being belittled by others who may have louder voices or greater stature in the company or business world can happen, unless we take steps to ensure we know where we stand.

Persevering in our journey of self-discovery may be difficult at times. I can recall many times in my life filled with self doubt, wondering what others were seeing that seemed missing to me. Could I actually do the task before me?

Occasionally a little doubt still sneaks in, especially when facing new challenges. Affirming what is important, re-stating personal strengths, reflecting on past victories all help to make life do-able and even fun.  Realizing that the words of others do not impact us unless we allow them in has helped me.

A major advantage of being an adult is accepting the power of choosing for ourselves. We no longer need to obey blindly the whims of our friends or the will of the crowd.

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