Confidence Building By Creating Your Own Kudos: Part I

We need to create our own kudos for the times when others are too busy or too distracted to build us up.

confidence1_kudos“Kudos” can be a mantra that lets you know if you’re on track to discovering the real you. Kudos can also let you know if you are being true to your real you as opposed to the person others may have misjudged or underestimated you as.

  • Know what is important to you.
  • Understand that others may not agree with your values and that’s okay.
  • Do what matches your values. Be congruent.
  • Open your mind and heart to positive possibilities.
  • Sing a song of joy in life each day.

When you make these five activities a daily habit, you can create a life that is Amazingly You! You can glide joyfully into your own “amazingly you” identity.

Keep a journal outlining your Kudos for the month, the week, each day.

Your journal doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be for your eyes only.

Evaluate your actions based on your priorities.

KNOW that what is important today may be quite different than what was important in high school.

Perhaps you are at a stage where a well-paying job is more important than being popular with your friends. For you, being fit may take precedence over going out partying every Friday night. Someone else may enjoy getting together with friends. They may see this as essential for mental health and well-being after a challenging week of work.

If you are a parent or a newlywed, your time with family may rank number one after your work. Enjoying a balanced life with time to relax as well as to learn may be most important to you. Engaging in an ongoing program of spiritual growth may engage another individual eager to venture into new territory.

Not one of these choices is necessarily right or wrong. So many alternatives can seem daunting but they are also freeing. Because you are an adult, you get to choose.

You have the right to decide where, how and with whom you will spend your time.

You have the right to determine where you will direct your energy.

You have the right to change direction if you feel you are not being true to yourself.

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