Increase Our Health by Speaking…Up

Inform yourself of the latest health equipment and innovations because your doctor may not be accessible or even as informed as you are.

HealthMy own lymphedema was not diagnosed until I took the initiative of planning a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Informed patients are healthier and more active in their own treatment and proactive health. Requesting the latest tests is your right as a patient and will likely reap more benefits if you are informed and concise in your speaking style. You are your own best advocate.

Today in Ontario, we are experiencing a severe doctor shortage.  Even more we need to help ourselves as patients.  Taking a vigorous interest in our own health and prolonging life and health with active inquiry and energetic activities is essential if we are to be healthy.

Gone are the days when the patient put doctors into temples of “godhood” and elevated them so far above mankind that no doctor could ever measure up. The patient who takes initiative will live longer and happier.  Patients who teach their children to develop healthy habits and to request information to help themselves will not only save our country money but save themselves a healthy future. Be informed and be your own advocate.

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