Relieve Stress by Speaking

Release the fear valves and obstructions of years of relative silence to open up new avenues for you as a speaker.

Stress ReliefLook at life differently with fresh eyes. Speaking will result in offers of assistance from those you admire. Opportunities to be part of dynamic teams at work and volunteer groups in your communities will appear as word of your speaking prowess spreads. Leadership chances will be offered to you. Career opportunities will ease the stress of feeling locked into a one-way career.

Letting go of years of silence will be like taking off the lid of a steaming pot.  One wonders why psychiatrists are so popular ~ it is because they offer clients chances to “run off at the mouth”.  For many, this is the first opportunity in a lifetime of squashed feelings to open up and share feelings without guilt ~ in fact with encouragement.

For many, this is the beginning of mental health ~ a new path to being no longer suppressed but rather free and open to all of the chances that life offers.  Exciting prospects of new vistas await the speaker.

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