Rewards for Speaking

Attention for speaking will always happen because so many people are terrified to speak.

In Front of A CrowdThe more you speak the better you become. Tangible gifts such as presents, money, awards, will eventually begin to flow your way.  Recognition of your talents will naturally begin to occur because people will know of your presence in ways formerly hidden.

Every time that you speak, someone will discover an area of knowledge that they didn’t know you had.  As you speak, people will begin to look at you with new respect and will think of you for future roles.  The courage you have used to build your self-esteem will become more apparent when you speak at work and in your community.  This courage builds upon itself and the gifts that you develop inside will be longer lasting that any plaques.

You will recognize that people who used to ignore you now ask for your opinion and you will gladly share it.  Arrogance is a temptation, at first, but as you speak more you will attend to the speaking of others in new ways ~ learning will continue as you are speaking because you will listen to your audiences whether of one or many. Speaking is only the first step. As you speak more, you will discover more.

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