Gains from Speaking

How will speaking help raise your self esteem?

Self EsteemCourage will grow as you speak. It is inevitable that when you face your greatest fears, you will begin to be bolder and more successful.  As admiration develops around your speaking and you delight in the applause of your peers and even strangers, you will speak more confidently and competently.  Your self esteem will gradually develop and expand like the tulip buds in spring ~ slowly at first then with grace and beauty.  It is as logical and real as nature unfolding. 

Speaking well will enhance your self-esteem when dealing with all others and mostly when you look in the mirror.  My poem ~ When you look in the mirror who do you see? ~ will appear in this spot.

Because self-esteem is inside where no one can see it but you, it is essential that you find the best and quickest ways to give it food.  Nourishing self esteem by outward acts benefits everyone but first it helps you.  As you gain confidence you are then able to give to others in ways yet unknown.  Your adventurous life will take exciting turns and before you know it you will emerge a full blown wonderfully beautiful you.

Your talents long in the bud will flower as the spring of your life whatever age, begins to flourish.  Does this sound too flowery? Reality is without self esteem we are a shell of what we could be. 

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