A Question to Ponder: How Do You Embrace The Woman Within You?

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am excited to be working on a chapter for a collaborative book by 25 authors. The title of the book is The Power of A Woman… Embracing the Woman Within.  I would be grateful if you could share just one or two sentences about the main way that You embrace your woman within. Please just share your first thought – likely the most significant for this questionnaire anyway.

Although I will not be using names I wanted to poll at least 100 women to see if any of the answers were similar or in the majority. When I summarize the findings I’ll be happy to share with you.

The book is being published and edited by Linda Eastman founder of Professional Woman Network. She is based in Kentucky and I’ll be attending a training session there on June 18th. and 19th: Womens’ Issues and Diversity.

My deadline is June 15th, but I will be collating my findings by June 10th and submitting my chapter on June 12th.


Thanks. Smile and know that you are uniquely special.

Positively and gratefully,

Pauline (Duncan-Thrasher)

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