How to Plan a Good Meeting: Part II

Excerpt from Speak and Lead Series by Pauline Duncan-Thrasher

Last minute rushes leave people frazzled and out of sorts. Successful meetings are well-planned meetings. Informing people in advance sends the message that you value their time as well as yours.

  • Prioritize three best meeting dates.
  • Appoint a treasurer if money is involved.
  • Create a budget.
  • Discuss suitable locations.
  • Choose a facility (location/ room set up) committee leader.
  • Plan whether and when you will provide refreshments.
  • Confirm as soon as possible place, date and time.

To avoid overspending or irresponsible spending appoint a trustworthy professional to keep financial records up to date.

Determine your priorities before you start looking for a location. If a reasonably priced location with accessible parking is at the top of your list you’ll need to start looking early.

Refreshments can enhance or detract from a meeting depending on purpose, time and set up. Clarify details ahead to create smooth, time-wise procedures.

  • Review your knowledge of parliamentary procedure.
  • Appoint a parliamentarian if you are using parliamentary procedure.

Parliamentary procedure is meant to support the rights of the minority to speak and the majority to pass procedures democratically. Parliamentary procedure is an orderly approach to settle issues that may become heated. Knowing the language helps leaders of all ages.

  • Decide who will have an opportunity to speak.
  • Evaluate which issues may need to be voted upon.
  • Create a place and process for voting.
  • Review numbers required for a quorum if you expect voting.
  • Establish time limits for speakers and for the meeting.
  • Choose a reliable person to time procedures.
  • Appoint a sergeant at arms who will handle introductions.
  • Set an agenda.
  • Decide whether press will be allowed.
  • Create attractive, readable flyers.
  • Promote the meeting well ahead of time.

Customize a new process, if necessary, to suit your meeting.

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