Radio Interview with Town Crier & Pauline

Bill Paul is known to Londoners as the large jolly town crier who enriches all city celebrations by using his robust size and voice to attract attention. You can see him at  parades decked out in his  colourful medieval costume with a huge medallion hanging from his neck  ringing a large bell and shouting out news.

When we met recently for an interview at the radio station at Fanshawe College, Bill Paul, the interviewer asked me quiet questions in a rich, resonant voice. He adapted his style of delivery to a new setting. He listened to my answers and responded with questions that matched the tone of our conversation. By looking at me with interest while I spoke he encouraged me to say more. By smiling at appropriate times he helped me to feel engaged in a relaxing, pleasant conversation.

Tips for interviewers:

  • Care about the person enough to do some research ahead of  time.
  • Adapt your voice and style to the person being interviewed.
  • Pay attention to what they say and how they say it so you can  respond in a way that will bring out the best in your interviewee.

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