Wise Woman Weekend

Choosing to sleep in an upper bunk for the first time in my life proved an exercise in courage, adventure and foolhardiness as once up I didn’t have a clue how to get down. Needless to say, like most adventures in life plunging ahead is fun and staying in the game is exciting.

Jennifer Drummond‘s  leading of belly dancing on the lawn of the Huron Church camp just outside Bayfield on a Sunday morning was quite different than my normal church going activity but exhilarating and a chance to step outside conventional movements. Thirty or so women shook their bellies and hips with varying degrees of abandonment and yours truly moved so much that I needed several minutes of my soothing Tai Chi after the thrill wore off to soothe my lower back muscles.

The company of 150 women celebrating spirit through dance, song and speech uplifted and inspired.Thanks to Elizabeth Runciman, the co-ordinator, for inviting me to deliver both an opening keynote on Saturday morning and a two hour workshop on Saturday night. Food was simple but delicious. A weekend to remember.

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